Online Communication & Marketing

 Effective Communication

For a business or a non-profit to engage with their audience, they must communicate effectively. Effective communication is a multi-faceted approach that encourages response. Simply “telling” your message is not going to accomplish your communication goals. Information, while important, doesn’t persuade anyone to do anything. Emotion does.

No one cares about your business or organization!
What they care about is how your business or organization impacts them.

Any communication that is not either watched or read by your selected audience is simply a waste of money. Businesses and non-profits spend large sums of money in the hope that someone will hear and respond to their message. Unfortunately, most of that money is wasted. People are inundated with advertising. So much so, they have learned to turn it off and ignore it.

To be effective at reaching people, communication must be either
Educational Based or Permission Based, preferably both.

 Educational Based Communication focuses in on helping improving a person’s situation. This may be with your product or service, informational or just utilizing your expertise. The goal of Educational Based Communication is perception. Your goal is to be seen as the authority within your industry. The more people that perceive you as the authority within your industry, the easier it is to acquire a customer.

Permission Based Communication focuses on people making the choice to engage with your message. While there are a variety of reasons that people choose to engage, the goal is to bring value to your audience. Since all value is perceived value, the goal is to engage. The best method is directing Permission Based Communication on a personal level. This can include things such as introducing the people who make your organization work, contests, surveys, as well as interesting images, graphics and video.

 So what does this mean to me? Great question.

For a business or organization to be successful, they must find great channels to engage their audience. Traditional mediums just are not as effective as they once were. At Ishkoo, we have you covered. We offer a variety of channels allowing you to reach your target audience in a cost effective manner.