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 Welcome to Designed 4 Business

Designed 4 Business focuses on bring together companies that are focused on providing service and support to other businesses. We do this by placing you as the authority within your industry, allowing you to utilize both Permission Based and Educational Based Marketing programs that enhance how local businesses see your company.

The training, support and content of the website draws in local businesses. The local business leaders get to experience businesses such as yours which provide their wisdom and expertise. This places you as a “Trusted Resource” with the local business. You do this by providing content to the website. The content can be written, video or even audio. It is wrapped around answering specific questions that you create. You know your industry and the questions that are asked.

 Membership Options

Membership is month to month which means no long term contracts. You have the ability to upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time you would like. This places you in the drivers seat. We offer three levels of membership.

Basic Member: The Basic Member gets their information on the Directory and can place deals (any specials you are offering) to the public. You are in complete control of your profile and you can change it anytime. Add people, change links, you are in control.

Enhanced Membership: The Enhanced Membership offers everything the Basic Membership does and adds the ability to add content to the website. The content is wrapped around a question and we take care of designing the page for you. All of your contact information and links are added to the page, allowing people to connect with you easily. The Enhanced Member can add content one time per quarter or four times per year. These can be provided at one time or over the year.

The Premier Member: The Premier Membership offers everything the Basic and Enhanced Membership does but it also adds you to our Trusted Resource Section. When someone comes into any category, after the question pages, we present our “Trusted Resources”. You have a page to tell about your business and why someone should reach out to you. We can also showcase any free upcoming public events you may be offering. The amount of content is also increased allowing you to provide material on a monthly basis.

Introductory Offer

The Basic Membership - $50.00 per month

The Enhanced Membership - $129.00 per month

The Premier Membership - $199.00 per month

Membership prices can change without notice but we never change the pricing for those within a category. In other words, if you are within a level and never make a change, your pricing will never change.

 Join Today!

We would love to have you as a member. Depending on the level of membership, we would need some information from you so let’s get started and get you registered.

Because we are in Pre-Launch, we are providing a 90 day free trial. This offer may change at any time without notice.