Is there a monthly contract?
- No. At Ishkoo, LLC we don’t want you to be tied down with a contract. Everything is month to month. Looking to upgrade or downgrade your membership? You are in complete control. Need to cancel, while we hate to see you go, you control that as well.

How do I know which TUG to join?
The TUGs are a different approach to networking. Because they are client based, to join a TUG, you will just need to show how a facet of what you do engages with that client. So, for instance, a travel agent may join the Wedding TUG because of both destination weddings as well as honeymoons. They may also choose to join the Senior Life TUG because of having a specialty helping the physically challenged go on vacation. It really depends on what you do and how it impacts that specific audience.

Heritage Project
Why should I join the Heritage Project?

Do I lose control of my online communication?
- No.  At Ishkoo, LLC we are skilled at creating and developing online communication.  For the Collaborative Process to work, we need to work in conjunction with you.  Our goal is to establish and build your non-profit brand.

Why do you request a 12 month commitment?
- Not all non-profits begin at the same point.  The purpose of the 12 month commitment is to allow sufficient time to get people and your collaborative partners connected.  If you cancel before the 12 months, we owe the cost of development for the website and communication tools.

Are the videos that are sent from the collaborative partners just sales pitches?
- No, we carefully craft the videos that will be connected to your account.  They are educational in nature allowing the business to educate your audience.

What about the donations?
- ALL of the donations are yours to keep.  All of the online payment portals are connected to your account and Ishkoo, LLC doesn't have (or want) access to it.  This is one of our stated goals.  We would like to help drive some donations to your non-profit.

What if it doesn't work for us?
- If for some reason it doesn't work for you there is no downside.  You walk away with a new website, and all of the subscription lists that were developed to do with what you will.  As long as you fulfill the 12 month requirement, you owe nothing to Ishkoo, LLC.


Why should I consider this approach?
- Great question.  Most advertising is built with the idea of present your message to the masses and hope someone hears it that wants your product or service.  This approach is expensive and not very effective.  The Ishkoo approach allows for Permission Based and Educational Based Marketing.  The people who receive the ePublications actually want to hear from you.  It is the reason they sign up to receive them. 

Is this cost effective?
- The Collaborative Approach is very cost effective.  Instead of paying for people to hear your message in the hopes of a response, we narrow the scope and focus it to specific groups.