Membership Terms & Policies

Terms and Policies

Ishkoo, The Heritage Projects, the Team Up Groups (TUGs) and the Collaborative are communities. As such, there are some rules that all of the community members will be held to in order to keep the community a place where everyone can thrive.


  • At Ishkoo, LLC we offer a variety levels of membership. You have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade at any time. All of our membership programs run month to month. You have the freedom to cancel at any time. Because of this, once a payment is made, no refunds will be given.

  • Membership is not transferable.

  • Members agree to act in a professional manner. If there is behavior that intimidates, mischaracterizes, defames or abuses others in the groups, the membership may be cancelled. If Ishkoo, LLC cancels a member account, the cancelled member will hold Ishkoo, LLC, its employees and assigns harmless for any negative affects. Any cancellation is solely at the discretion of Ishkoo, LLC.

  • Ishkoo, LLC can not guarantee specific results due to membership.

The TUGs


Many times people would like to visit a TUG before they commit to a membership. We allow for a free visit to the TUG of their choice. If you would like to come for a visit, contact us at or come as a guest of a current member.


All of our meetings are listed on our events page. The events are only visible to members. While we strive to keep meeting times consistent, there are times changes need to be made. Please check the calendar to verify a meeting time.

The Heritage Projects

The Heritage Project Directories:

Each member has the ability to add content, change and control their profile at any time. This includes graphics and images.

  • As a member, you agree to NOT use any adult or pornographic images on the website.

  • Any images used will either be royalty free or owned by the member.

  • The member is solely responsible for any images or content on their page.


  • Because we oversee several regions, it may take 1 to 2 business days to be added to the appropriate directories.

  • Once a member is added to the directory, access is at the regional Heritage Project page in the footer.


Each member has the opportunity to create “deals”. Deals are special incentives or discounts offered to entice someone to engage with their business.

  • A member is not required to offer any “deals”. However, if they do, members agree to change their “deals” at least every 30 days. Members will add an expiration date to their deals.

  • Deals will be visible to the members level. If someone is a TUG member, their “Deals” will only be visible to the regional TUG. If someone is a member of the Heritage Project, their “Deals” will be visible to the general public.

  • The member agrees not to force people to print their deals in order to redeem them. If proof is needed from the member, they will just allow the public to show the special “deal” on their cell phone.

    The Collaborative Project


  • Membership to the Collaborative Program is restricted.

  • Because of the nature of the program, to be considered for membership, businesses must be able to show their expertise add value to the non-profit’s website.

  • The member purchases, through their subscription membership, a specific number of Posts. The Posts can be all on one non-profit’s website or spread over several.

  • For a member to be added to a non-profit’s website, there MUST be value added to the non-profit.

  • The non-profit has veto power on members who are included on their site.

  • The Posts are focused around answering specific questions. A question that is too general will not be accepted. Once a member has asked (and answered) the question, that question can not be asked from any other member.

  • The member has the ability to change the content of any Post if they choose. There are no requirements for changing content. If a member chooses to change content, the most frequently they can do it is monthly.

  • It is at the discretion of Ishkoo, LLC if a member, or any Post, is appropriate for a non-profit’s website. If it is deemed that a Post is inappropriate, the member has the opportunity to replace it with content that is appropriate.

  • Members have the ability to cancel at any time. If a member cancels (or if a non-payment creates a cancellation) all of the members Posts will be deleted. The questions the member has asked will become open and available. We DO NOT save content.

  • Members are responsible for any content, both written, video or audio, they place on the website.


While we hate to see anyone leave, we understand change happens. If you need to cancel your membership, just downgrade to the “Cancelled” level. No more payment will be taken from your account and you will be deleted from the directories.

We understand things happen. If your credit or debit card is declined, please update it as quickly as possible. If an account remains unpaid, it will be considered a cancellation and access to the TUGs, The Heritage Project Page and The Collaborative will be terminated.

When a member signs up with any program, their pricing is locked as long as no changes happen. Ishkoo, LLC may change pricing at any time, however, once someone is on and a member in good standing, their pricing is locked. If that member chooses to make a change in membership levels, they will be required to pay the current pricing.

If a member has cancelled (or was terminated through non-payment) they are welcome to return. Their monthly payment amount will be the current membership amount.