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Each community offers a uniqueness that makes the community strong. At the Heritage Project, our goal is to reveal the strength of the community, which are its Heritage, Organizations and Businesses. Our passion is telling a community’s story, showing why a region is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Our goal is connecting the community with its heritage. We do this by creating a website solely focused on presenting the strengths and values of an individual region. This website serves as the central hub, presenting each of the areas to its visitors. However, we offer more than a passive approach. The public is able to sign up to receive continual information either by email or text, as well as, the regional social media.

Introducing a community's heritage provides a unique opportunity to the businesses and organizations that reside within the region. It is a way to connect with the people who live, work and raise families near you. When people connect with the local Heritage Project, they see your business or organization presented in a powerful setting. Unlike general advertising, the Heritage Project provides an outlet where people choose to learn more about you, which is Permission Based Marketing.

Membership within each region is individually priced for that particular region.
Just go to any Heritage website and in the footer, click to learn more.

 A Value for

Local Business

Most local businesses are small businesses.  Small businesses have limited resources for any advertising and outreach.  They want to get a great Return on Investment (ROI) for any investment they place in any marketing and advertising efforts.  All marketing and advertising efforts need to position the business as a local resource and an authority within their industry.   

People are inundated with advertisements.  In the 1970's, the average person would see about 500 advertisements per day.  Now, it is well over 5,000.  People have learned to block out and ignore them.  The only way for a business to break through this barrier is Permission Based and Educational Based Communication.  This is where a person has chosen to receive your information. The Heritage Project provides local businesses this opportunity to be the authority.  This is where the Heritage Project really shines.  


 More Impact in a


Some things have a greater impact in a group setting. At The Heritage Project, we work to engage the public. We take care of all of the marketing to engage each community. We work to keep them engaged with continually changing historical videos, human interest stories, engaging people as well as introducing unique local organizations and businesses. Everything we do is based on the most powerful marketing tools today, Permission and Educational Based Marketing. In other words, people are choosing to engage with The Heritage Project and thus, your business.

One of the strongest draws for people, is local business and the “specials” offered. These are specials that a business may offer to the public. As a business, you have complete control of your entire profile as well as any “specials” you may offer. Although these are not required, it is there as a way for you to draw in customers to your business.

Some businesses have the capability of engaging with the entire community. However, most, don’t have the resources to do it effectively. At Ishkoo, through the Heritage Project, we make it simple.

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