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A new way to network

Networking has been around since business began. However, current networking strategies are not as effective within today’s fast paced world. Traditional networking groups talk about referrals. You are told that by being part of the group, others will provide referrals to you. Sadly, this is not entirely true. All business referrals are built on one thing, relationships. If you develop a relationship with other people who share your customer’s base, referrals can be plentiful. If the rest of the group doesn’t share your customer base, you won’t get a lot of referrals.

Client Centered 

Unlike traditional networking groups, the TUGs or Team Up Groups are client centered. Simply put, the business people within each group engage with the same clients that you do. This allows you to connect and build relationships with other professionals that share the same client base as you. This creates a powerful opportunity to build “power partners” that can give and receive referrals.


Each Team Up Group is regional. The business professionals within that group gain and service local clients. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a quality lead outside of the geographical area that you typically do business. Because our TUGs are regionalized, all of the business professionals within a specific TUG work with clients within that region.


A great system is just a theory unless it is affordable. We offer a variety of programs so that everyone can take part. We place you in control. The program runs on a recurring payment structure that each individual and business has access to. This means that there are no contracts period, everything is month to month. Since you have access to all of your own accounts, you can begin, upgrade or cancel at any time. You truly are in complete control.


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