Ishkoo’s main focus is connecting communities. Our passion is helping you and your business to engage with specific audiences that will propel you forward.  Your goal as a business is to make yourself known to the community around you.  Our goal is to bring the different facets of a community together; the businesses, the non-profits and the communities that you both serve.  We do this by first, providing a venue for businesses that share your clientele to connect.  We call this TUGs or Team Up Groups. The second is engaging with the community through the Heritage Project, which is an avenue to unite the community.   Finally, we bring non-profits and businesses together to reach a very focused audience.

Traditional efforts to engage with the public have not changed for a long time and are just not as effective as they used to be. We are looking to change that through an educational and permission based marketing approach. Come on in, explore all three methods and join us.


Team Up Groups

The Team Up Groups (TUGs) bring business professionals together with other business professionals that share the same clientele.


The Heritage Project

The Heritage Project focuses on engaging a local community. Allowing you to reach those who may use your product or service.


The Collaborative Approach

The Collaborative Approach connects businesses with non-profits to reach a targeted audience.


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 Engaging with the

TUGs (Team Up Groups)

Team Up Groups (TUGs) are a new and unique way to engage with other business professionals that share your clientele. Each TUG is regionally based, client specific and designed to help you get to know other business professionals that share the same clients. Depending on your membership level, you can come to a single TUG or you may find several that engage with a facet of your business. The choice is yours to make.

Each TUG meets regularly as determined by the individual group. Along with that, we offer MASH-UP Meetings. These are special occasions where we invite a few of the different TUG groups to gather together. This allows you to expand your networking and meet other business professionals who don’t necessarily share your clientele.

We understand that everyone is not a networking champion. So being placed in a environment with a large crowd tends to overwhelm many people. With the MASH-UPs, the environment is more controlled allowing you to actually create relationships with other business professionals.

Ishkoo offers a variety of membership levels that fit every business or situation. You have the ability to upgrade or downgrade any time you would like and you are placed within the regional TUG directory allowing others to find you.

 Reaching the Community through


The Heritage Project reaches the community. Each month, we build on the Four Pillars of the community: the history, the people, the organizations and the local businesses. We take a region, build an audience and drive people to the website. This creates an opportunity for local businesses to reach their community with their products or services.

A simple listing adds you to the local Heritage website. This places you on the directory where you control your page’s content. It also allows you to create “deals” that can be shared with the public. Since you are completely in control, you decide on how your company is represented and can change it as often as you would like.

Periodically, businesses may want to take their communication further. We do this through video. Each video produced can be sent through all of the local Heritage channels, the social media, eNewsletters and texting services. This is a powerful way to engage with the people who are looking for your product or service.

Focused Communication through the  

Collaborative Approach

The Collaborative Approach is a focused and targeted approach to engage with potential clients. It all begins with a non-profit. We help that non-profit create a variety of online tools that allow them to engage with the community whether it be for volunteers, donations or just awareness. In order to truly engage their community, they need local businesses that can enhance their topics to be able to talk with the same audience.

These audiences are created by expanding the current outreach of the non-profit. They are local people who are connecting with that non-profit because of a value they are providing. By non-profits and businesses working together, each reaches their community with their message.

 Connecting with Ishkoo, LLC.

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