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 Businesses and Non-Profits depend on communication to effectively get their message to specific audiences. At one point, simply broadcasting a message was enough to engage people. However, people quickly became overwhelmed with advertising. Just ask yourself, how often do you pay attention to radio, television and print advertising? If you are like most people, the answer is not much.

The answer most advertising firms would give to the drop in engagement is that you need to just do more advertising. While it is true that if you throw more mud against the wall, more of it will stick, it is still built on a wrong premise. People just don’t want to be advertised to.

In order to engage with people, businesses and organizations need to employ Permission Based and Educational Based Communication Strategies. This is where the people choose to interact with your message rather than having it just placed in front of them. In order to accomplish this, communication channels need to be reconsidered. Utilizing Permission Based and Educational Based Communication Strategies are often less expensive than traditional marketing methods because you only pay to reach a specific audience. At Ishkoo, we have created a variety of channels that you can employ depending on your goals and the audience you would like to reach.

 Offering Unique Channels

The Heritage Project

A regionalized approach to engage with a local community. The Heritage Project engages with the community through history, informational posts, specials and community events which allows our members to connect with a local audience. It places our members as a trusted local resource.

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The Collaborative approach

The Collaborative Approach partners with small non-profit organizations building an audience around specific topics. This is a powerful tool for non-profits to engage their community and businesses to reach the same community.

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Designed 4 Business

Designed 4 Business is specifically designed to connect business to business companies with other businesses. We empower our B2B members to showcase their expertise and engage with other businesses.

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At Ishkoo, we continue to explore and introduce other unique methods of Permission and Educational Based Marketing.

Cost and ROI

Traditional Methods

  • Cost determined by total number of potential Viewers (Listeners)

  • Expensive if done effectively

  • Wide Region Broadcasting

THrough Ishkoo’s Channels

  • Cost determined by the individual channels used

  • Affordable and can be scaled

  • Specific and targeted approach

Most traditional advertising channels are a “one size fits all” approach. Yes, there are different audiences within each market. However, that doesn’t mean that those people are looking for or need your product or service. Taking a wide broadcast approach is expensive for the return you often receive. At Ishkoo, you can focus as tightly (one single non-profit channel) or as widely as you would like. We offer a variety of approaches to suit any business.

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